Our Daily Programme

This will give you an idea of what a typical day at Educare Peachgrove could look like.

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Our Daily Programme

The theory behind our daily practice:

Our vision of aroha, trust and teaching from the heart is of paramount importance throughout the centre and our Infant and Toddler room is a key element of this. Kaiako have an understanding that all tamariki arrive with mana, mauri and wairua. We strive to provide a warm, peaceful, nurturing and loving environment that allows time and patience for even the youngest of tamariki to thrive.

We acknowledge that the relationship you have with your baby is the most important connection. Providing key kaiako/teachers follows the concept of ‘allo parenting’. This means that your tamariki has a primary caregiver with whom they have a very strong and loving bond (this is you, the parent). They also have other key adults in their lives that they form a trusting bond with (grandparents, aunties, uncles, and in the centre; their key kaiako).These are the people they can go to and feel comfortable with when they are not able to be with their parents. 

This allows teaching allows a strong attachment to develop between tamariki and kaiako and helps tamariki to gain a strong positive sense of self. It is about relating to infants in such a way that they can anticipate what is going to happen. When infants can anticipate they can participate. Brain development research has highlighted the importance of responsive and close relationships in infancy as laying the foundations for all learning (Brainwave Trust).

Our practice is guided by the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki which offers a framework for kaiako to support development with quality care and with the knowledge of our tamariki being active and competent members of society. We will observe and respond to tamariki emotional and physical needs, creating an environment that empowers exploration and individual learning.

Tamariki are treated as taonga (precious gift) where their needs come first and respect is given.
Tamariki are trusted and empowered to learn and grow at their own pace. Tamariki needs are cared for and nurtured.
Kaiako show aroha, care and respect.
Kaiako are responsive to all tamariki needs.
Kaiako work with tamariki individual rhythms.
Care giving is the curriculum; feeding, bathing, changing and dressing are the ‘care’ moments where whanaungatanga/relationships are made.

Kaiako give support and encouragement and opportunities for active exploration and freedom of movement.
Kaiako respect tamariki by allowing them to explore freely without interference unless indication is given.
Kaiako provide a range of sensory rich and natural learning experiences. Kaiako provide an environment for tamariki that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing. Our play equipment encourages exploration and discovery.

Infants and toddlers feel safe and secure with a sense of belonging.
Kaiako build trust, meaningful and reciprocal relationships with our tamariki and whānau.
Tamariki and whānau aspirations are upheld.
Special comforter items are accepted and cared for.
Kaiako take the time to learn about each child and where they come from. (Do you know me? Can I trust you? Do you let me fly? Do you hear me?) Quality time is one of the most important gifts that we can give to your tamariki. Consistency in our teaching practice provides clearly defined limits and expectations to develop social competence. Through consistency we build trust and a sense of belonging.
Tamariki are offered quality time to develop whanaungatanga/relationship with te whenua. 

Infants and toddlers bring their own strengths and abilities which are acknowledged and embraced.
Kaiako provide a variety of learning opportunities for our tamariki to give stimulation of their senses, mind and body.
Kaiako provide encouragement to help support and guide our tamariki with their learning.
Being respectful is knowing when to step in and provide assistance which may only need to be minimal. Sensitive observations of your tamariki will help us to understand their needs.
Kaiako acknowledge the quality of development in each stage therefore we don’t rush infants to reach developmental milestones, rather we enjoy each stage and allow tamariki to develop at their own pace. We allow time for uninterrupted play. 

Language used is easy for tamariki to understand and develop. Kaiako take the time to learn each child’s body language, ways of communication, gestures, cries and indications. 

Kaiako will provide a variety of natural, open ended resources that will stimulate play and creativity. 

Infants are dependent on their senses to give them an understanding of the people, places and things that are in their environment. Our natural equipment provides opportunities for tamariki to explore different ways of using, connecting, moving and transporting equipment. 

Overall our motto is Learn, Laugh and Play making our centre a fun, happy environment where children learn and grow to be competent, confident learners.