Our Daily Programme

This will give you an idea of what a typical day at Educare Tawa could look like.

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Our Daily Programme
Our daily programme at Educare Tawa is inspired by the RIE philosophy. This influences our practice in many ways, including the flow of our day. We show respect for our tamariki by listening and responding to their individual needs around moe and kai times. We work alongside parents and whānau in establishing routines for bottles and sleep that support care routines at home. For the older children we aim to gently and respectfully establish routines which will best prepare them for school, while not removing the joy of being in preschool.

Exploration time is where children have the opportunity to be involved in learning experiences of their own choice both inside and outside. These are both teacher led and child led as the needs of the children are assessed and interests extended.
Activities are prepared for early arriving tamariki. Tamariki and whānau are welcomed. Children's personal exploration time begins.
Children are encouraged to enjoy a rolling morning kai time which fits around their personal exploration time.
Kotahitanga time. Coming together to read and tell stories, sing songs and do action songs
Lunchtime kai.
Sleep time and quiet time.
Exploration time for the older children.
Afternoon kai.
Exploration time.
Tidy up time followed by outdoor games or quiet indoor activities.
Centre Closes.