Our goal is to provide clear communication to everyone to provide a seamless transition for your tamariki

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Joining Educare
Educare Early Learning Centres
Empower children to feel welcomed, accepted and able to learn and grow in environments that are warm, trusting, stimulating and offer opportunities for children to experience success.

Enrolment forms and ‘me-sheets’ are completed and handed in prior your child’s first day. Any access restrictions, medical conditions/allergies will be discussed at this point. You will be asked to provide as much information as possible about your child as this information may assist the teachers during the transition process.

Your child’s start date will be confirmed along with opportunities for your whānau and child to visit. Each child and their whānau are treated individually around scheduling the amount of visits needed.

One teacher will be available to settle your child when you or your whānau member says goodbye. The expectation is that your child will be told goodbye by the whānau member so the reassurance is given that they will return.

If you have any concerns about leaving your child you are more than welcome to have a discussion with the teacher or manager. You will be contacted and asked to return to the centre if your child is overly distressed. You are also encouraged to phone the centre at any time convenient to you to check on your child’s progress with us.
Transition to School
In order for children
To retain positive feelings over a time of transition there needs to be clear communication between the management, teachers, parents, whānau and individual children to provide a seamless transition.

All of our centres have a contact person who takes overall responsibility for your childs transition to school. We also have open communication with all primary schools that we feed into in order to build relationships to exchange information and keep up to date with current events.

All parents will be approached when your child turns four to discuss your decision regarding the choice of school for your child. All parents and whānau will have good support and information in order to transition their child seamlessly into primary school.  There will be information available for you regarding how to contact the schools and information will be displayed in the centre and access to the Education Review Office (ERO) reports for schools are available.

From the age of four and a half years a Transition to School Folder will be developed for your child. This will include Learning Stories, examples of your childs work and photos. The folder can be shared with the primary school teacher on school visits.

One Transition to School parent/whānau evening will take place each year. Teachers from local schools will be invited to speak at these.